What Does Andy Martin Worldwide Do?

Andy In Iraq

Andy Martin Worldwide Communications is divided into four directorates:

Andy Martin Worldwide Information Services
(AMWIS) directorate provides independent commentary and analysis for the world’s media, from our home base as independent content providers at ContrarianCommentary.com.

Andy Martin Worldwide Management Consulting
(AMWMC) directorate provides confidential management consulting on all aspects of media and communications systems
Andy Martin Worldwide Crisis Management Services
(AMCMS) directorate provides specialized information and assistance on crisis reaction, mediation, coordination and communication everywhere from conflict areas to natural disasters.

Andy Martin Worldwide Special Services
(AMWSS) directorate is available anywhere, anytime around the world to assist in developing communications strategies. If we don’t have what you need in-house, we will find it for you, on time, on target and on budget.

Our joint mission statement:

We are dedicated to encouraging discussion, debate and dissent in every engagement to arrive at the best analysis, the best options and the best advice possible;

We employ a worldwide team approach to every question, every issue, and every challenge; our “compatibility quotient” attitude to arriving at solutions guarantees that independent ideas survive for client review and analysis;

We probe behind the obvious, going into areas traditional news and management organizations ignore; we stay independent of any competing organizations and any corporate or governmental control;

We are dedicated to respecting cultures, values, languages and nations everywhere in the world as part of a multinational, multicultural approach to service.

Andy Martin Worldwide Communications
New York, London, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Palm Beach